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National Institutes of Health (NIH)

All of Us” Research Program for Precision Medicine 

  • Co-creation of the historic program through partnerships and engagement of under represented in biomedical research (UBR) communities
  • Co-creation Data Browser work group: lead Community Partner Gateway Initiative partners on policy, and strategic planning to benefit hub researchers and enrollees; identify/elevate concerns that stigmatize UBR populations
    • Provide recommendations to improve design, data consumption and participants’ trust
  • Evangelize through engagements, blogs, and webinars to scale program/provide thought leadership
  • Present at leadership meetings to amplify inclusion and access challenges for enrollees 
  • Participate in weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning/update meetings; submit monthly reports
  • Focus on COVID-19 programming / Covid-19 Participant Experience (COPE Surveys) for enrollees
    • Successes: Rooted in Research program has 225,000 views
    • Pivot from physical to virtual conferences (using Zoom, YouTube, FaceBook and StreamYard)

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology- Standards and Interoperability Framework Initiative

  • Liaised with international experts to create groundbreaking policies to interpret and implement population health mandates, eliminating duplicate efforts by multiple organizations.
  • Managed initiatives such as data provenance, structured data capture, data access framework, clinical quality framework and the prescription drug monitoring program.
  • Managed a team of physicians and researchers to design Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCORI) research.
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