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Continuity of Care Use Cases

These use cases demonstrate the power of standards-based interoperability by showcasing systems exchanging and using data in real time to improve care, outcomes and experience. Gain a broad picture of the opportunities and successes experienced through health information technology. Topics, such as pediatric cancer, heart failure and substance abuse treatment are addressed.

Seamless Prescribing & Clinical Exchange

Carmen has psoriasis and diabetes and moves across the country to seek care for worsening symptoms. Her healthcare providers are able to access her medication and clinical history quickly to make informed and rapid decisions about how to treat her. By having easy access to medication history, historical clinical information and prescription price transparency, providers are able to efficiently complete medication prior authorization, e-prescribing and specialty medication enrollment directly within their clinical workflow.

Enabling Personalized Cancer Care

Rodney has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer in addition to his chronic heart failure and hypertension. He monitors his health using mobile devices and telemedicine to transfer data to his care team and EHR. Rodney’s oncologist accesses the prostate cancer clinical decision support to view aggregated diagnostic and EHR data and to review personalized treatment options with him. Based on guidelines and Roger’s preferences, the two select radiotherapy for his treatment. Upon treatment completion, the oncologist agrees with Rodney on a plan for appropriate follow-up testing and checkups.

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