Digital Healthcare Training

Health Information Technology Leadership Courses

Our HIT courses are created by a physician trained health information technology executive. These courses are designed for healthcare professionals of any level wanting to transition into HIT or digital health leadership roles. We offer a collection of engaging and interactive educational modules based on real world experiences and lessons learned from electronic health records (EHR) and big data population health implementations. 

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Women's Health Courses

Women and minorities report lack of access and dissatisfaction with healthcare encounters. Some women even report being violated during the exam process. These courses are designed to prepare women by teaching:

  • What to Expect During the Doctor's Visit
  • What to Expect During Specific Physical Exams
  • Your Rights
  • Questions to Ask
  • How to Protect Your Body During the Physical Exam
  • Age Specific Preventative Health Recommendations
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Teaching Format: What to Expect

Each course is broken into short modules with a self assessment at the end. Modules are short sessions to fit your busy schedule and allow digestion of material. Content is offered in video, with supporting notes available for download. Videos are transcribed and available with each module.

Build confidence, take control of encounters and gain valuable information!

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